Isono Extended Teaser: 12 to 15 May 2021

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Isono Extended Teaser: 12 to 15 May 2021



Coming up on Isono this week:

Danger arrives at House Of Grace, leaving a devastating death in its wake.

Gabriel shows Ayo the money he made from the fight matches and plans a fresh start for just the two of them, away from everyone in Vosloorus.

Ayo is not sure about leaving her parents and shows signs of hesitation and conflict. She sees a side to Gabriel that she has never seen before and that scared her.

Esther confronts Mncedisi about leaking her pictures and finally breaks up with him. But, it seems like his manipulative ways are still at work. Unfortunately, she falls for his scheme and comes crawling back just in time for her launch.

Mary threatens Yanga and he reassures her that he has a way to pay back all the money. But, after betting on the wrong horse, he and Zakwe lose again.

He is now worried about what Mother Mary will do to him and decides to proceed with his plan to go to Botswana, but he will need his passport first and Zakwe knows where to find it.

AB breaks into Cassanova and steals all the money from the safe, all in hopes of running away with Destiny. Things don’t go as planned as Lebedev hears that he stole the money and plans an attack.

An unlikely police officer arrives to investigate the murder posing a real danger to Vorster’s empire. Mary shows us that she is indeed truly heartless. Zakwe is left distraught after the passing of his long-time friend.


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