ABOUT Sage Software Engineering:

Founded by David Goldman, Sage was a start-up business aimed to automate accounting processes. Mr. Goldman worked in the UK with university students from Newcastle to develop software that would make this goal possible; in doing this he soon saw that many other businesses could benefit from this innovation. In 1981, Sage was officially formed and was brought to North America in 1998 as an addition to Peachtree ( a leading desktop accounting software.)

Today, Sage spreads to many countries and continents across the globe, such as Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, serving over 3-million customers with the help of their 13 000 employees. Sage obtained Intacct and Fairsail in 2017 and launched Sage Business cloud in 2018. To this day, Sage holds high value in both the care of their customers and employees, believing that “it is the people that make Sage great” and that “when [their] customers thrive, [they] thrive.”


Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Duration: between 1 and 12 months

Sage is offering a Software Engineering internship with the primary focus being to equip the candidate with knowledge and skills, to not only become an asset to the Software Engineering team but also, benefit them in their tertiary studies. Sage internships last anywhere between 1 month to a year and are offered to students on a full-time basis during vacation time and part-time during studies. The internship will allow the candidate to quickly merge into the Sage workplace, making them ready to take on any role and become an asset to the company. Once candidates complete the internship they will have the opportunity of an early offer at the Sage graduate; because of the competitive process, this offer will depend on region availability.

Once the application process is complete, Sage will conduct assessments with candidates by the means of electronic interviews, successful candidates will then be contacted after if they have been short-listed. Short-listed candidates will be required to come in and complete a half/full day assessment at Sage’s center- participating in a number of individual and team activities. Whilst at the center, the candidate will also have the privilege to learn more about Sage’s careers and internships.

Sage encourages previous candidates of their internship programme to help promote the careers Sage has to offer.

Key Performance Areas of the Programme:

  • Completing all mandatory mentoring and training sessions
  • Implementing/ developing/ maintaining and delivering first-class technical solutions
  • Participating in the project development life cycle with the aim of increasing domain knowledge and technical ability
  • Asking for and implementing all feedback given by team members
  • Ensuring tasks are completed according to Sage’s company standards
  • Engaging in self-studies to ensure your own development
  • Engaging with customers
  • Participating in early quality activities (peer reviews of design, code, and estimates)
  • Solving issues pertaining to bugs or defects in the pre-production, QA testing, post-release, and production process
  • Working well with all teammates and teams
  • When needed, maintaining important documentation describing coding/configuration, logic, changes, and testing



Before applying, please ensure that you meet ALL of the following minimum entry criteria – failure to satisfy all the requirements will result in your application being disqualified:

  • Education requirement: must have completed Matric (NSC certificate)
  • Education requirement: must have completed a Software Engineering or related qualification



Applications must be submitted one the Sage job platform

Please note:
– All internships at Sage offer a payment, unless another payment-mechanism has been previously discussed.
– Applicants will not be discriminated against based on race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, veteran status, or disabilities.


For any queries related to this internship programme, please contact Sage directly:
Email address: [email protected]