ABOUT Suiderland Plase:

Suiderland Plase is a leading distributor in the agricultural industry. They pack, distribute and produce top of the range of fruits to many farms across the country. Through their commitment to the production of superior products and service, Suiderland Plase’s citrus and table grapes have earned global recognition. They show their value for their customers and the environment by ensuring that their standards and values are maintained through responsible cultivation, innovative farming strategies and growth that is sustainable. Owing to these core values, Suiderland Plase ensures that they continuously take on the responsibility of ensuring the environment is preserved and the community is developed, They achieve this by ensuring their farming methods are advanced and help improve their logistic and packing services whilst also ensuring that their staff is continuously developed and driven through training and valuable education.

Suiderland Place ensures that they maintain compliance with governmental and legal aspects by making sure good yields are sustained, this further aids in guaranteeing an excellent quality of produce that meets safety standards.
Suiderland Plase is a company that actively contributes to the sustainability of fruit farming in South Africa.


Suderland Plase have 2 types of programmes available:

1) Internship Programme:
Location: Cape Town, Western Cape
Suderland Plase is offering an Internship Programme as part of the National Skills Development Strategy. They are doing this with the aim of increasing the development of people in the agricultural industry. The programme is aimed at candidates who are interested in working in Suiderland Plase’s farms and packhouses with the aim of gaining practical experience that will aid them in their agricultural studies. This programme aims to help the candidates by allowing them to gain industry knowledge that will be both essential and helpful.

2) Graduate Programme:
Location: Cape Town, Western Cape
Duration: 12 months
Suiderland Plase is offering a one-year Graduate opportunity whereby candidates can gain essential and valuable working experience to aid them in starting their career in the farming industry. The aim of the programme is to help students who have recently graduated obtain hands-on learning experience in their field of study.


Before applying, please ensure that you meet ALL of the following minimum entry criteria – failure to satisfy all the requirements will result in your application being disqualified:
1) Internship Programme:

  • Must be studying towards an agricultural qualification and in need of practical experience to complete agricultural studies

2) Graduate Programme:

  • Must have a Diploma/ Degree in Agricultural Studies/ Logistics
  • Must have recently completed/ be currently completing a tertiary qualification in Logistics/ Farming or Quality


Applications must be submitted by email to: [email protected]

Attach the following documents to your application email:

  • A Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae
  • A certified copy of your Identity Document
  • A certified copy of your Matric Certificate/Academic Transcripts


For any queries related to this internship programme, please contact Sudierland Plase directly:
Telephone number: 021 945 1390
Email address: [email protected]